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We are proud partners of Oway 

OWAY is the FIRST AND ONLY PROFESSIONAL AGRICOSMETIC BRAND to use GLASS AND ALUMINIUM as primary materials in its packaging, with the goal of creating the first global network of entirely PLASTIC-FREE salons and spas.


Oway is not a simple brand, but a set of values, a healthy and ecological lifestyle that pervades every daily action we take: because the values that the company proposes are a true reflection of its actual life. Sustainability is embraced not only in our production processes and packaging choices, but actively involves the company’s entire routine, manifesting itself in everyday life, through small but important green habits.


Each product is formulated based on the most advanced green and clean chemistry principles, starting from the careful selection of each individual ingredient. Biodynamic, organic, but also fair-trade: to enrich our products with ingredients not found within Italy’s biodiversity, we rely on partnerships with international fair trade purchasing networks, contributing to improving the living conditions of developing populations (in Central/South America, South East Asia, Africa and Aboriginal Australia). Respect for the farmers and for the local communities is guaranteed at all stages of production of these raw materials, which with their workforce contribute to the protection of the environment and of local crops.

In 2013, Oway were the first professional cosmetic brand to replace the use of all plastic containers. We chose glass and aluminium, materials that are 100% recyclable and for an infinite number of times, together with mines capable of protecting their resources and preserving the environment.

Resistant, inert, pure and natural, pharmaceutical and food grade glass is able to protect the conservation and integrity of the botanical extracts used by our formulas. Next to glass we have aluminium: another friend of the environment as it is 100% recyclable, extremely protective, light and known for its ability to be malleable while at the same time remaining intact. Beauty shouldn’t cost the planet. 

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